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Announcements from Anthony: September Newsletter

Dear readers,

August was a successful, yet relaxing month for me.

I vacationed in Europe from August 6th to the 15th, spending the majority of my time in sunny Italy. I also took a brief weekend trip to Munich, Germany. For writers, I have to say that visiting Europe is absolutely essential to the writing process. The easygoing European way of life does transforms you. It reminds you that you have to take care of your responsibilities, yet at the same time, enjoy life. Europeans truly know how to live, whether it be eating and drinking, or something as simple as walking.

In terms of writing news, Finding Forever finally went up for pre-order on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. It will also be available at other book retailers in time. Watching this slowly progress is truly a dream come true. I never expected to see my name in stores I’ve been visiting my whole life.

In addition to Finding Forever, I am proud to announce that my second novel, The Letter, and a book of poetry titled, Faith in the Unknown, will be released next year by Post Hill Press. I’ve also started working on a third project, which I am keeping top secret. All I will say is that I’m extremely excited about it and I consider it to be my best work yet.

Finding Forever is gaining traction way ahead of its release date. I’m happy to see that the 1970s setting is resonating well with readers. This was originally considered a drawback when I self-published, but I knew it would serve as a backbone to the story and become a huge selling point to readers who lived through that generation.

My former high school, St. Francis Preparatory, in Fresh Meadows, New York, announced the news about Finding Foreveron their Facebook page. I got the chance to connect with some former teachers of mine who were great influences on me and shaped my character. I’ve also been informed that I will be receiving support from Queens College and the New York Institute of Technology, my alma maters. I want to thank each of these institutions for the love and support they are sending to me.

As November 5th gets closer, I will be announcing events I will be participating in, including book signings and author Q&As.

I want to thank everyone for supporting my journey again! Stay tuned for more updates.

All the best,


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