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Anthony Sciarratta Signs with Post Hill Press

I am proud to announce that I have signed a contract with Post Hill Press, officially making me a published author. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to those who have supported me throughout my journey as a writer.

My formerly self-published novel, Finding Forever,was originally published through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. With the right amount of persistence, I got Finding Foreverinto the right hands and this wonderful story finally has a home.

On the one-year anniversary of self-publishing Finding Forever, I received word that there was a strong interest in my work. It’s moments like this that truly make me believe in the signs the universe gives us.

To update those who have been asking me for information, my website is the place to look for announcements regarding book signings, release dates, and other important information regarding my work.

Finding Foreveris currently scheduled to be released sometime this coming October. My second book titled, The Letter, is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2020. I have begun working on my third novel as well as a book of poetry that I hope to publish soon.

I truly hope and pray that this serves as an inspiration for artists of all ages. It doesn’t matter how young you are, or how long it takes to be successful. It doesn’t matter what people around you say or what they try to convince you is good for your life. The only thing that matters is your opinion of your life.

I would like to thank my wonderful family and friends for supporting me, in addition to my first editor, Lisa Battista, my publicist, Emi Battaglia, and the wonderful folks at Post Hill Press who have decided to take a chance on my work.

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