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Motivational Movies to Help Find Your Bliss in 2019

2019 is here! Yes, we're only two days in, but it's important to start on the right foot. There's nothing like a motivational movie to help you get your life on the right track.

We've all had a hard year. We've all had ups and downs. We're all looking forward to seeing what 2019 could bring.

Your most important goal in 2019 should be to find your bliss. Find what makes you happy. Do what makes you happy. Whether it's losing a few pounds, finding your dream job, or writing that book, it's important to give it a shot.

But wait...... there are obstacles in the way.

"I have no time." "I don't know where to start." "I have a job." "I have bills." "I can't just pick up and leave." "I don't want to fail." "I can't disappoint my family."

These are the typical responses people give when asked why they can't start over. Most of these responses are completely valid. There is a lot of sacrifice that comes with pursuing your dream. It's hard to get rid of this mentality. I myself am guilty of thinking almost every one of the responses I listed above.

But, you want to know what....who cares?

I'm starting to learn more and more that the only opinion that should matter is the one you have of yourself. If you're anything like me, then sometimes your negative thoughts can get the best of you and your opinion of yourself could be a bad one.

Well, here's a few movies that can help fix that! It's always fun to see someone else's rags to riches story. It gives us inspiration to know that we should dream big! Here's a list of must-see movies that will help you find your bliss in 2019!

1. Rocky

Anyone who knows me will assume this tops the list of films I constantly talk about.

Washed up boxer, Rocky Balboa, doesn't have much going for him other than being a shylock's debt collector. Apparently, he can't even do that right because he's nice enough not to break people's thumbs when they don't pay.

Rocky lives in the working-class Italian ghetto of Philadelphia, where he spends his days with his drunken friend Paulie Pennino. He gets kicked out of Mighty Mick's boxing gym by owner, Micky Goldmill, who tells him he's nothing more than a bum who wastes his talent.

He does have one thing going for him though. He finds love at a pet shop, falling for Paulie's sister, Adrian Pennino. Rocky brings Adrian, who's a naturally shy girl, out of her shell. He makes her realize she's a beautiful woman and that he loves her for who she is.

Heavyweight champion of the world, Apollo Creed, decides to give a once and a lifetime title shot to a local fighter from Philadelphia. He calls upon none other than the “Italian Stallion," Rocky Balboa.

Micky returns to Rocky, remorseful of the brutal names he called him. Rocky is rough around the edges at first, but he eventually takes Micky up on his offer to train him. Mickey becomes the father Rocky never had, loving him like a son.

Rocky stands toe to toe with Apollo Creed, going the full 15 rounds with the heavyweight champion of the world. Rocky's story inspired the locals as he becomes the pinnacle of hope for them throughout the film.

I won't ruin the ending, but let's say Rocky ends up getting everything he needs (Including a whole series of sequel films). Rocky comes from nothing and ends up with everything. It's the story of an underdog who defies the odds piled against him.

What's even more inspiring is the story behind Rocky. Actor Sylvester Stallone rejected offers upwards of $300,000 for the script because he wasn't casted in the lead role. Imagine rejecting $300,000 when you're in total poverty? That's really called believing in yourself.

Rocky went on to win three Oscars including best picture.

2. Cinderella Man

I guess I'm sticking with the boxing and sports trend by choosing Cinderella Man. Russell Crowe plays boxer Jim Braddock who is kind of the opposite of Rocky Balboa at first. Braddock was a successful boxer who broke his hand. The combination of his injury and the Great Depression of the 1930s led Braddock's family to poverty.

Braddock is forced to work at the docks to make ends meet for his family. Unable to get consistent work, Braddock is forced to throw himself into the boxing ring despite his injury and against the wishes of his wife. He shocks the critics, beating the number two contender in the world, Corn Griffin, in a last-minute fill-in fight.

Braddock beats Griffin on an empty stomach, barely eating any food before the fight. He wins on the sheer will of needing to feed his family. Braddock's wife begins to resent him for choosing to fight to make money because she fears losing her husband.

Like Rocky, Braddock is a people's champion, serving as the inspiration for millions of people affected by the Great Depression. His story of his newfound success is a beacon of hope for those suffering as they look onto better times.

Braddock ends up earning a fight with Max Baer, who has killed two men in the ring. Braddock decides to take the fight, despite the high risk that he may not survive. He ends up winning in what seems to be a miracle and is finally able to support his family with his winnings.

3. Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon plays troubled genius, Will Hunting, who was raised in South Boston. Working as a janitor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Will solves a mathematics equation given by Professor Gerald Lambeau for his graduate students.

To Lambeau's surprise, he finds the equation solved and presents and even more difficult question that Will also ends up solving. The professor finds Will after he gets arrested for getting into a fight with a gang and arranges for him to study mathematics under his personal supervision.

Another condition Will has to comply to in order to avoid jail time is therapy sessions. Will quickly runs out of therapists because he's a very difficult client. Lambeau decides to bring Will to his former college roommate, Dr. Sean Maguire, who teaches psychology. Maguire ends up being a match for Will, handling his witty comments and backhanded remarks in his own unique way.

Maguire and Will form an unlikely friendship. Maguire gets Will to finally open up and talk about his checkered past as a physically abused orphan. Maguire helps Will emotionally mature and realize that he sets defense mechanisms to avoid intimacy in any relationship. Maguire inspires Will to rekindle his relationship with his girlfriend, who he broke up with over fear of emotional pain. Will's friends push him to take whatever chance he has to make up for the opportunities they will never get.

Will Hunting ends up chasing his girlfriend, Skylar, to California and leaves his life behind in favor of taking a chance, ultimately shattering his fear of the unknown.

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