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Social Media Spring Cleaning: Axe the Trolls

This article probably makes me sound like the king of pettiness, but I’m going to stick by this one.

We often are creatures of habit and most people who use social media are looking to maximize their content and share it with as many people as possible. That’s the goal in this social media game that we all play together.

However, too many people fall victim to internet trolls, especially the younger generation of social media users, and I’m tired of seeing it. There are countless people who have access to our social media accounts who shouldn’t, some of us like to call these people the, “haters.”

Ask yourself these questions before you continue reading this article.

1. Why do we keep so many people on our friends lists who we don’t really like?

2. Why are we so afraid of the notion of unfriending, unfollowing, or blocking someone who’s a troll?

3. Why are we constantly subjecting ourselves to people who literally have no lives and not a single thing better to do that comment on what they think about your life?

4. Why do we stoop to their level and entertain their comments?

Think about these questions for a while.

If someone isn’t supportive of you or anyone else on their social media feed, why bother having them around? I’m sure almost anyone reading this is guilty of having someone they hate as their Facebook friend.

I’m not saying be petty and I’m not saying harbor anger because doing either of those things will not make you a better person. I’m telling you to forgive and forget, but in a different way.

Try to cut down your social media accounts to people who you’d consider having lunch with. Anyone who you wouldn’t mind running into on the street and having a friendly conversation. This could be a high school acquittance or someone you used to work with. It doesn’t matter really as long as you know that you like that person.

There’s a reason why people who are famous have Facebook accounts under fake names and their friends’ lists are limited to close family and friends.

Why go to all this trouble?

Because you don’t need any negativity in your life. It simply comes down to that. During your spring cleaning, get rid of that negativity.

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