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Why I Write: Do Writers Have a Specific Diet?

Most writers would agree there probably isn’t an official writer’s diet.

There are specific diets for actors, bodybuilders, athletes, and those seeking to keep up their general health, but none for writers. I believe there is a writer’s diet, but it’s not really documented. Today, I’m going to record one of the few documented diets for writers by using my knowledge of the profession and other writers around me. I welcome any and all input and will update the writer's diet regularly as I gather more information.

Let’s start off with drinks.

We know how much writer’s love coffee. I’m going to assume a writer likely has a minimum of two cups of coffee a day. One in the early mornings and one for the late nights.

I’m going to throw any form of alcohol into the mix here for the emotional days. Maybe a spiked coffee could do the trick? But in all seriousness, it’s not the first time anyone has heard of an artist who drinks and has a flood of inspiration (I am not advocating drinking to write in any way, I’m just making a general statement).

Water is essential to living, so a writer obviously has to drink water every day. I personally like fountain diet soda, which is my vice, but that would be my go-to drink aside from coffee and water. I do also love a good San Pellegrino.

Writers are usually on the go and have tight deadlines. I love to cook and try to carve the time out of my day to make three home cooked meals for myself. Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury or the budget.

I would like to think that writers live on Chipotle because it’s a good bang for your buck. Panera gives free Wi-Fi and range of healthier food choices. Maybe some writers like McDonalds, but the whole point here is that a quick meal is optimal because writing often involves traveling and time management.

It takes a really big effort to be healthy. As a writer, my mind is filled with anxiety and worry, not meal prep. I do generally eat a healthy diet, but it could be better if I wasn't so caught up with worrying about getting ahead.

What do you believe a writer's diet is?

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