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Why I Write: Remembering Important Influences

One of the most important influences on my writing was my fourth-grade teacher. I’ll never forget the important lesson he taught me.

My teacher told my fellow classmates and I to picture a film projector running in your mind while you read. Whether he meant it or not, since that day I’ve always read a book like I was watching a movie. This had a tremendous impact on my creativity because whenever I had an idea, a fantasy, or even a dream, I used that same film projector analogy when creating my thoughts. It gives some aspect of life to the creative part of my mind. It feels like my thoughts are a little more real.

Something that I add to help along this creative flow of thoughts is music. Like the opening credits to a movie or the dramatic music playing in an iconic scene, it’s music that helps me create ideas that allow me to use my imaginary film projector in the first place. This is largely what helped me write my first novel, Finding Forever. I pictured the characters in my book and the way they’d act if music were playing in the background of a specific film scene.

Influence in writing (or art) can come from anywhere. One of the quirkiest and most valuable influences everyone has is their own mind. This is a common statement, but from what I’ve noticed it’s rare that writers are truly able to tap into their minds.

It takes gall to put a pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard. Have you ever heard someone say, “Throw up all over the page. Don’t worry about what comes out. Just write?”

This is a lot more difficult than it sounds because only a person who is in touch with their feelings can use this practice and truly succeed at it. I may be getting a little Freudian on you all but in my opinion, writing is strongly connected to the unconscious mind. In other words, your true feelings will come out in what you’re writing whether you’re aware of it or not. This is why so many people are afraid to write, because there are feelings that always come up that a person may not want to consciously tackle.

Use your feelings, use your experiences, and don’t be afraid to embrace your thoughts. Use the inner workings of your mind to your advantage. After all, the person who knows you the best is you.

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