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Why I Write: Travel Writing

The good thing about being a writer is that you can almost work from anywhere. Yes, you may need Wi-Fi or a power outlet to charge your laptop, but don’t forget the power of a good-old pen. One of the many methods to my madness is writing ideas down with a marker pen on a legal pad. For some reason, I feel like the ideas flow more easily with the motion of my hand on paper than my fingers on a keyboard.

I also try a little extra to be as old school as possible. It’s the rebel in me.

What I’m trying to say is that there are no excuses. You should always carry a pen and paper or at least use your iPhone’s notepad app. There’s no excuse to forget an idea that crosses your mind. Heck, I even write down all of my dreams no matter how crazy they can get. Anything that crosses your mind could be rich material and I’ve come to learn that over my career as a writer. If you’re thinking it, the chances are that other people are thinking it too, and they will relate to your thought.

Writing in the comfort of your home is great, I personally prefer it, but sometimes, it’s the worst thing for a writer. If you live with a crazy family, roommate, partner, or dare I say all three, there’s a good chance you may not be able to concentrate fully on your work. Try bringing your notepad to the park and sit on a bench. Allow the thoughts to come to you. Be your own yoga teacher.

If the park isn’t exotic enough for you and you’re not short on cash, book a trip to a writer-friendly country. Italy always serves as a land of inspiration for me, although some that personally know me will say I’m bias. This summer, I’m going to Venice and traveling northern Italy as I write my next novel. A change in scenery is always good for the mind and puts your thoughts in a different perspective.

France seems like another place filled with inspiration. You may look a tiny bit odd going to a French or Italian café with your laptop, but writers are usually oddballs anyway. Another lesson I’ve learned is that people probably care a lot less than you think.

If you don’t have the budget to book a trip to Europe, and most aspiring writers likely don’t, you could try taking a road trip to the country. Someplace that isn’t as busy a booming city where about a million things can distract you. If the city is your thing, than go for it, but remember what I said before about a change of scenery.

What’s the moral of this blog post? BE DIFFERENT! Change it up! Find your inner artist! Get back to the basics and don’t allow technology to pollute your mind.

Remember that we’re the masters of our minds. You know yourself the best. Find out what makes you tick and go for it!

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